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Wiki Wins Casino Review – Is it a Scam?

Online casino Wiki Wins specializes on slot machines, scratch cards and other arcade games, as well as a live casino and video poker. The site’s aesthetic may be best characterized as fascinating, yet it can also be defined as cheap and garish at its worst. There are several aspects of Wiki Wins that aren’t quite right, ranging from the aesthetics to the typography. As you scroll down the website, the gridview of games continues to fill the screen. In reality, it seems that there is no limit to the number of games that can be found on the homepage of the website.

While it is wonderful to see a casino with such a diverse selection of games, is it really essential to feature every single one of them on the homepage? Stop scrolling now and instead click on the little down arrow below this grid, which will take you to the homepage footer, where you may find out more about the site’s identity and origins. You will discover that the website is owned and maintained by a business named QuotaPartners, which is based in Curacao, which is known for its casino industry. Because the conditions for acquiring a license in this jurisdiction are so minimal, it is a popular choice for gaming enterprises looking to establish an online casino in the country.

About Wiki Wins Wiki Wins is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2014. A similar-looking site, Casino Cerise, is also managed by the same firm and seems to be the same as this one. To be honest, if it weren’t for the name and emblem, you’d assume you were playing at the same location. The two are almost indistinguishable. Unfortunately, this implies that the same issues that have plagued Casino Cerise will now be present here as well.

Consider that there is no About page to be discovered on the website. When you click on the About link at the bottom of the page, you are sent to a blank page. There is very nothing in the way of a frequently asked questions section, and as for customer assistance, well, good luck with that. Once again, this link does not function properly. However, there is just a live chat option available, which isn’t very effective. One of the few things revealed by an incredibly brief FAQ is the fact that a random number generator is employed to guarantee that all of the games are fair to everyone who participates in them.

The Wiki-d Banking System (Wiki-d Banking)

One of the most serious shortcomings of Wiki Wins is that there is no information available concerning payments. Likewise, there is no information available for either deposits or withdrawals; there is no information available at all when you are not signed onto the site. The refusal of casino operators to cooperate is a recurrent riddle that is unlikely to be answered adequately in the foreseeable future. Perhaps you will be able to deposit money here using a credit card or bank transfer. You may not, on the other hand. Who knows what will happen?

It is worth €500.

The promos page at Wiki Wins is a carbon copy of the one at Casino Cerise once again. There is one good aspect to it, though, and that is the fact that it offers a 250 percent initial deposit bonus worth up to €500 on your first deposit. Take, for example, the website’s statement that if you deposit €100, you would be offered a total of €350 to play with. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, VIP players may take advantage of other promotions such as higher deposit bonuses, a cashback bonus, and an insurance bonus. Unfortunately, the only way to learn more about what they could include is to send an email to the casino and ask for further details. This is the epitome of sloth.

In addition to these deals, there are a few of others listed on the promotions page, which isn’t really an actual website at all, but rather a pop-up window that has no images at all, instead consisting just of drab Times New Roman text. When you make a deposit of at least €30, you will get a nocturnal deposit bonus of 150 percent, or alternatively, a bonus insurance of 50 percent. Wiki Wins, on the other hand, does not specify when this bonus begins and when it concludes. Is it set to start automatically when the sun goes down? And in what nation is it after dark? There is also a daily lottery in which five winners will each get up to €2,500 in extra cash, which is something to keep an eye out for. In this draw, all players who have placed a deposit in the recent 24 hours will automatically be put into the drawing.

Points for Loyalty

Every time you make a deposit at Wiki Wins, you will gain comp points towards your account. 250 bonus points are equal to one euro in bonus cash. When you initially sign up for the site, it doesn’t state how many bonus points you would earn for each euro you deposit. If you become a VIP, it looks that you will be able to earn more comp points. However, in terms of comp points, every player begins at the Green level and works their way up to a higher status level as their deposits increase.

It’s probably worth adding at this point that Wiki Winss also has a VIP program, which you can learn more about here. However, the only thing you will learn from the VIP pop-up window is that the program is exclusive and only available to those who have been invited. VIP players may take use of weekly bonus insurance, weekly cash insurance, and specialized customer assistance, among other perks. As far as VIP programs go, this one does not seem to be very appealing.

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